How to Start a Business Without Capital?

To start a business is actually not too difficult . Anyone can , even without capital !
The main capital is the most important belief , self-confidence and business as well as your prayers . Developing and maintaining a business to not be easy . Many businesses that fail in the middle of the road because the preparation is less mature , less precise decision -making and poor management .
Before you start a business , you must know who and what is needed by prospective customers , where the market will be addressed and how to berpromosinya business and when it will start ? If you've got the answers to these questions , you are ready to start a business ...

Consider the example of " how to start a business without capital " , the following :
In a televised ceremony , Bob Sadino told about the motivation of people who like to complain like this ...
You : How ya sir , why my life fail again , fail again ?
Bob Sadino : Right, how could fail ?
You : I do not work everywhere accepted . Especially in your company .
Bob Sadino : If it is not accepted employment , business dong !
You : I do not have the capital to the business , sir .
Bob Sadino : Hmm ... , what if I love you a loan for your business .
You : Enk ... , thank you very much sir ! But what effort , Sir ? I have no idea .
Bob Sadino : I have a business idea for you . Want ?
You : Once again thank you , sir ! But , what if you did not fit the idea ?
Sadino Bob : Well ... , first try it.
You : Well sir , I will try . But sir , what if it fails ?
Bob Sadino : If ya want to be a successful person should feel the first failure , because failure is a lesson that will make us more intelligent and wise . No one is successful who have never experienced a failure .
You : Yes sir , I am ready ! But excuse me if I fail , if there are breaks in Mr lend payback ?
Bob Sadino : ...... ! ? ! ? ! ?
You note the chat above , the person is given the facility was also wanted another conveniences ...

Now consider the following story :
By the time Bob Sadino still be poor . He does not have the capital and labor are not accepted anywhere. But because of his extraordinary motivation , Bob Sadino get an idea ...
See neighbors often make cakes and sell them yourself . He offered to cooperate with the neighbors :
Bob Sadino : I see a lot of make cakes Mom , what 's that Mom was not tired , if you have to sell it too ?
Neighbor : Yes tired Mas , but for the support of the family .
Sadino Bob : Well , I 've got an idea , she does not need to be selling anymore . Mom made ​​the cake alone , later my mother around to selling cakes . Nahh ... , then we set the profit sharing .
Neighbors : That sounds good , but sorry Mas , when kejualnya little later I actually overdrawn to pay Mas Bob .
Bob Sadino : Mother's right to sell it a little time , even for the most cake . When Mom and I to divide tasks. Mother, you can make more cake , and I also can sell more, because it is longer. Just try it once a week , if sales are not good , she did not have to pay me .
Neighbors : Hmm ... , so perhaps then, starting tomorrow yes Mas !
Nahh ... , finally Bob Sadino can start a business without capital ! Motivation to live like that we need to cultivate in ourselves , to be the one to be successful ...

Here are some tips to start a business without capital quoted from several sources and based on my personal experience :
Convinced and Confident
One of the most important things in life is the conviction and confidence . Sure and am left to believe that you can become a businessman and is able to achieve success and become a successful person .

You have to change the mindset , be a person who creates a business opportunity , not a job seeker . You are required to have the initiative and creativity. For that , you are required to learn and ask , so you have management skills .

Borrow Money or Find Investors
Venture capital can you get by way of borrowing money from relatives and explain to him about the business prospects that will get you started . Assure him what are the chances that you can get from the business . Explain with a reasonable calculation . In addition to relatives , you can also borrow money from friends or finding investors .

Places For Business
For businesses, you do not need to bother for office rent . If you 've got the rest of the space in the house , so the change of office space .

Shape and Build Business Team
Find coworkers from your environment or your friends who want to invest into your business . It will help ease the burden at the same time you get new ideas . Perhaps, you and your business team can create new business opportunities greater .

Hire Employees with Sharing System
There is no harm in employing people with a profit-sharing system . You can save a lot of money and they will fully support your business , because being a direct part of the business.

Patience , Persistence and Focus
If your business does not directly generate profits ( most are not ) be patient , you have to persevere and remain focused on continuing to improve the business , and find out what causes it and make a breakthrough .

Means Free Promotion
Create a website , I offer it for free . You do not need to spend money to create and design a website . Business website could rake in a lot of new customers . Use your personal social networks ( Facebook and Twitter ) to the optimum , enlist the help of friends to promote your business to their acquaintances .

Find Part Time Jobs
Usually you will face many challenges in collecting additional capital . If you still have time or the opportunity to work part- time , work . Invest a portion of your salary to the business .

Additional capital

By the time your business starts growing and need additional capital , consult with the banks to help your business capital . Many banks are willing to lend to additional capital . In this case , you would have to prepare everything to meet loan requirements .

Any effort and in what way becomes less if no pray and seek guidance from the Lord Almighty . To that end , pray !

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How to Start a Business Without Capital?